We don’t hear drum solos very often on MCR. Drummers in Americana are too often called on to sit in back and keep a competent beat. Drum solos, despite the bad rep they got during the arena rock era, are one magic and essential part of jazz and have always been of special interest to me. The difference between a knuckleheaded drum solo and a good one is subtle but important. A solo reveals the musicianship of the stick wielding human who usually doesn’t get attention unless they knock over a cymbal or something. I was admiring the musicianship of Michael Caskey and his smiling symbiosis with band leader and show closer Davy Knowles even before he got a minute to himself in the rippling “Tear Down The Walls.” The guy had panache and excellent time. And he was part of an overall excellent time that featured the stellar rock blues of Knowles, indie folk rock from Blank Range, mystifyingly mature country music from Emi Sunshine and the muscular songwriting of Hugh Masterson.

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