What is it about Game 7? For the second year in a row, MCR and the final showdown of the year in Major League Baseball took place simultaneously, leading to a whole lot of phone checking as the results of Houston versus Los Angeles came in. Now, nothing could top last year when my long-beloved Cubs won in dramatic fashion. But it was heartening to see Houston win its first ever championship as a team in the wake of the destruction and trauma left behind by Hurricane Harvey. Houston also has numerous ties to our musical world, and it was fun seeing folks like Hayes Carll go bananas with joy on social media when the team got that final out. What does this have to do with Wednesday’s show? Oh, not much, but it was an excellent World Series and its final game will be woven into my memory of this show’s excellent series of artists, featuring bluegrass by Donna Ulisse, rock and roll from Hannah Fairlight, amiable pop folk from Guthrie Brown and tightly funky soul from Amy Black.

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