Media Credentials application

Music City Roots: Live from the Factory


These guidelines are in place to ensure that our media partners get the coverage they want, but most importantly, that our artists and audience have a great experience.

We very much appreciate your interest in Music City Roots!


Music City Roots: Live from the Factory is a weekly concert series streamed live on and airing on WHPY Hippie Radio 94.5 FM

every Wednesday at 7:00pm CST.

Artist schedule is available at our website.


Please complete this media credential application in full. Application does not guarantee acceptance for credentials. One person per application – if there is anyone else from your organization wishing to make a request, please have them complete a separate form. Submit to Laurie Gregory, Senior Producer/Events & Community Relations, [email protected] If possible, please submit no later than ten days prior to the show date.

Credentials are valid only for the date assigned. We will keep your information on file – if you would like credentials for an additional date, please send us an email making your request.


For what show date are you requesting your media credentials? ________________________


Your Information

name                                      __________________________________

title                                        __________________________________

media outlet affiliation     __________________________________

address                                 __________________________________

city/state/zip/country         ________________   _______   ____________   ___________

work phone                           _(_____)_________________

cell phone                             _(_____)_________________

email address                                  __________________________________

your organization’s website          __________________________________

name of assignment editor           ______________________________     phone # ___________________


Media Profile

check all that apply:

___ regional              ___ daily                    ___ newspaper         ___ TV – local

___ national             ___ weekly                ___ magazine                       ___ TV – national

___ international     ___ monthly              ___ radio                   ___ TV – cable

___ internet              ___ other – please describe _____________________________

Type of coverage for this event     _________________________

Expected publication/air date      _________________________

Please describe any special requests you have for this event.


Flash photography, video, and removable lens cameras are not permitted. We livestream and archive each show – flashes cause serious problems for our footage.

Absolutely no access to the green room/backstage area without prior permission. We try to protect this area for our artists and keep it a no-media zone.

Upon arrival, photographers must check in with our staff photographer, Anthony Scarlati – he will provide direction on where you may shoot (for example, you are not allowed to walk in front of the stage or in front of our cameras).

Media representative is not to distribute business cards/promotional material, and is not to appear to solicit the artists in any way. If you have a photo, article, or item you wish to share with the artist, forward to Laurie and she will make sure the artist receives it.

Media accreditation is reserved for working members of the media. If you do not qualify for credentials, we invite you to purchase a ticket for any show. Our media rules will still apply.

Media passes are for media representatives only; free passes are not available for rep’s guests.

If your credentials are approved, you will be notified by email a few days prior to the event date. Credentials will be ready in your name at the Box Office at 6:00pm on the day of the show; please present the approval email that you receive.

By accepting media credentials, you agree to forward to us tear sheets, links, or copies of your coverage within two weeks of the event date, if we request them.

When referring to our show, please note the correct name – MUSIC CITY ROOTS: LIVE FROM THE FACTORY.

Due to the large number of requests we receive, we cannot guarantee access to any particular show.

The staff of Music City Roots, Heng Dai Media, and The Factory are not responsible for the security of any laptops, photo, or broadcast equipment or other items brought onto the event site.


Misconduct or misrepresentation of your position and/or publication/news organization, and/or violation of the above-listed rules, may revoke your media credential for this and other Music City Roots programs.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We appreciate your coverage and hope you enjoy the show.


Thank you for your support of Music City Roots!