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The Moment – MCR 7.13.16

07.13.17 Col

What a thrill. I got to sit down before Roots this week for a formal interview with the great Col. Bruce Hampton, that amazing paradox of an artist who’s still leading badass bands at age 69. He’s a musical space captain who never did drugs and a former military guy who led probably the singular… Read more »

Strangely Sublime – MCR 7.13.16

16-07-13 carousel

Summer is languid in the South, encouraging slower motion and softer sounds. It’s the season of the blues and cold sweet tea and the refuge of air conditioning. And this week’s return to the stage after a two-week break features a bit of all that – while building toward a fourth-quarter climax that might come… Read more »

Roots Remembers Bob Goldstone


Some of the best people from Music City’s most musical sectors gathered on Saturday afternoon to remember and celebrate Bob Goldstone, the beloved record man who crashed on his bike last week and died in surgery on July 3 at age 67. The stories and testimony and hugs helped, to be sure, but this is… Read more »

Priceless Sound

On Friday, the same day we enjoyed our return visit road show at Monteagle Assembly on the Cumberland Plateau, I had a remarkable experience just 6 miles down the road at The University of The South. The William Ralston Listening Room on the second floor of the campus library has a fascinating story and inspired… Read more »

Assembling Again – Special 6.24.16


We’ve been lucky at Roots to be able to take the show on the road from time to time, including trips to far flung corners of the world in Australia and Northern Ireland. But no away game came with more charm or surprises than last summer’s season-closing sojourn up to the Monteagle Assembly on the… Read more »

On The Factory Floor


True to the title of our theme song by bluegrass dobro master Rob Ickes, Music City Roots was in fact “Born In A Barn.” And the psychological research literature tells us that 87% of roots music fans complete the word association “Barn” with “Dance,”* so it was pretty clear from the outset that at some… Read more »

Franklin Five-O

6.15.16 Jam

I didn’t see it coming, all this emotion and fulfillment. As I approached my 50th birthday on Tuesday, the best I could imagine was some good times with friends and family, with side servings of anxiety and cake. But it’s been even more rewarding and surprising than that. We’ve seen our daughter blossom, and we… Read more »

Digital Entertainment – 6.15.16


On one hand, guitarist Tommy Emmanuel is certifiably one-of-a-kind. On the other, he’s so prolific and busy and simultaneously everywhere that he seems to have been duplicated a time or two in some Australian genomic experiment. He’s been zipping around Canada lately. Before that he played Knoxville, a town he loves for its ties to… Read more »

Shattered – MCR 6.8.16

6.8.16 Jam

It’s not easy to tell because they’re usually covered by blackout curtains, but Liberty Hall in The Factory has big windows in its sloped roof. The musicians and crew were joking before this week’s Divas of Roots Music show that we’d have to take out extra insurance on the roof because it was likely to… Read more »

NEWS: MCR’s new Live Albums!


A move we’ve talked about on and off for years is finally coming to pass. On June 17, Music City Roots will release our first ever live album from our stage, featuring the delightful and skillful January 27, 2016 performance by fast-rising East Tennessee band Bill & The Belles. The 7-song EP features American standards and… Read more »