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Twang Cheese Incident – 2.8.17!


One of the more enlightening and enlivening ways to start your week is dropping by Tommy Womack’s web world for his “Monday Morning Cup of Coffee” video series. It’s cathartic indeed to sip the black nectar along with our roots rock hero and join the emphatic “Ahhhhhhh” that follows. This week, Tommy previewed the impending… Read more »

All Trad. No Rad.

MCR -02-01-2017-68

We at Roots probably have you conditioned by now so that when we say “bluegrass” you know we mean the whole range, from roots to branches. Our all-bluegrass shows generally include a Greensky or a Sam Bush Band, because one of the greatest things about the field is its freedom. It’s one of the ultimate… Read more »

Mid-Winter Bluegrass


As January turns to February, many people slide into the mid-winter blues. But a hale and hearty group of American music fans and music makers take up banjos against their sea of troubles and head to Nashville for mid-winter bluegrass instead. The gathering has a grand name – the Society For The Preservation of Bluegrass… Read more »

De La Soul – MCR 1.25.17


Soul is that staggeringly overused but somehow necessary word in music writing, and don’t even get me started on “soulful.” Yes, I’ve used it. Yes, it’s a crutch. And yes, it is real. We heard it in a couple of bands this week that I think are going to be lighting up your concert calendars… Read more »

That Buzz We Love


  Every now and then in this journal I am prompted to remark on and refresh my own appreciation for music’s capacity to surprise and thereby achieve something insanely rarified and special in this journey we call life. As we age, we are subject to repetitions of everything until, despite ourselves, we grow inured. Even… Read more »

Salty Songs and Songwriters


      I got to meet country singer and songwriter Cody Jinks on Wednesday, and I am pleased to report that, as his album title asserts, he is Not The Devil. While his merch is full of flaming skulls and his web site depicts him as the black-bearded former death metal artist turned honky… Read more »

Strike Up The (Big) Band


TICKETS TO SEE THE NASHVILLE JAZZ ORCHESTRA WITH DARRELL SCOTT, ELIZABETH COOK, JOHN COWAN AND THE MCCRARY SISTERS ARE ON SALE NOW AT THIS LINK.    Our executive producer John is a music man through and through. I’ve seen this son of the Motor City, a long time rock and blues guitarist himself, swoon with… Read more »

Hay, Jinks – MCR 1.18.17


From upper left: Jesse Kramer, Cody Jinks, Colin Hay, Old Salt Union, Peter Case.    What do a Scottish-born Australian pop rock star of the 1980s and a bearded former thrash metal singer who now plays hard country music have in common? Just about nothing, except that both are scheduled to play Music City Roots… Read more »

Well Traveled – MCR 1.11.17


  All anyone really wants in life is to feel valued – to be there and make a difference when called on in a pinch. So when Texas band Greyhounds was about to start its second song and guitarist Andrew Trube realized he’d forgotten to bring a beer bottle to the stage to serve as… Read more »

Release The ‘Hounds!


When C. Montgomery Burns, the evil plutocrat and environmental despoiler of Springfield says it on The Simpsons, he taps his fingertips together and smiles malevolently as he contemplates his victims running for their lives. When we release the hounds in a new year and season of Music City Roots, it’s with giddy excitement of a… Read more »