We have a Vision…

That the vast pool of amazing musical talent rooted here in Music City, and now spanning the planet, will be put on a global platform for all the world to enjoy.

That all the gifted artists that have dedicated their lives to achieving excellence in their craft will be given an opportunity to let their voice be heard, regardless of commercial paradigms.

That the walls of categories will come down, and bridges will be built between generations, in the hopes that each may learn what is best about the musical contributions the others gave birth to.

That that the music will continue to evolve and grow, while never losing sight of the heritage of its roots, and never forgetting the history that was made along the way.

That we will all open up our minds, listen with our hearts, and allow the true spirit of creativity to flourish and be embraced.

That as the minstrels play freely, there will be a fresh new sound born that will be heard across the world…music of INTEGRITY…accoustic or electric…that will not bow down to the system of old.

With the launch of weekly hi-def videocasting, MCR has entered a new season of access to the eyes and ears of the world…please join us in spreading the GOOD NEWS…real, honest music is alive and well, and living in Music City. Please tell a friend.

John Walker

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  • Your contribution will support our weekly
  • webcast and spread the music!


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