Velvet Jarekus

Check this out. It’s Jarekus Singleton, shot from backstage last Wednesday night. Did you see this on our Twitter the other day? That’s where I first saw it, and it knocked me out. I had no idea who took it or how the wild effect was achieved. It sure didn’t seem like the work of our photo honcho Tony Scarlati. He likes them au natural and he may not even like this bit of conceptual tweaking. I haven’t asked him. I dig it. The more I looked the more I saw. It’s really well composed, with clear looks at all four band members. The drummer is in the sway of the music. The piano in the foreground with Jason D. Williams’s hat is brilliant. Then there’s the house lights above and my favorite touch, the little dude in the background at the merch table standing in his own pool of light. I don’t usually like over-cranked Photoshop effects, but something about this really works.

So I found out the story. It’s the work of our video crew chief and veteran cameraman Eric Martin. He wrote me with some context.

“I have the iPhone app Photoshop Express and I was watching Tim Carroll one night at the diviest of dive bars and probably the smokiest bar in Nashville (Fran’s Eastside Tavern), which is across the street from The Family Wash. I snapped a pic of Tim with this big weird cat tapestry behind him on the wall. So I started playing around with the app and found out that I could make these Velvet Elvis type pictures. They look like paintings. I like to call it “Putting My Stank On It”. So now everywhere I go, if I get the right shot as in Lighting, Framing, Focus & the right look then I attempt a Velvet Tim/Elvis.”

Velvet Jarekus has a certain ring to it. Let us know what you think.

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