Roots Interviews: Angaleena Presley and Bros. Landreth

Our interview guy Craig H. has posted two new interviews in our Roots Radio Interview podcast series, featuring two recent MCR guest artists who amaze us for different reasons. Angaleena Presley is a fascinating songwriter raised on Kentucky’s famed Hillbilly Highway, just down the road from Loretta Lynn’s Butcher Holler. Her country music is deeply felt and written with craft and brave honesty. Craig talks with Angaleena about her debut solo album, the acclaimed American Middle Class.

The Brothers Landreth hail from Winnipeg, Canada and their appeal is rooted in stunning musicianship and vocal power. Their precise, full sound and classic influences conjure up the satisfying FM radio giants of the 1970s. Their new album Let It Lie is truly an absorbing, collectible project. In a live setting, they’re just jaw dropping.

We didn’t plan this, but these artists have something in common that’s not immediately obvious. They’re the inaugural artists on Texas/Nashville based Slate Creek Records. So best of luck to Slate Creek. They’re certainly making wise artistic decisions.

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Hosted By Jim Lauderdale


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