Music City Roots partners with the Loveless Barn

Music City Roots partners with the Loveless Barn for new weekly show on WSM. The official announcement came at the 2009 Americana Conference in Nashville, TN… Legendary WSM will carry the first new weekly live music show in over 40 years – Music City Roots, LIVE from the Loveless Cafe. The New York Times called the Americana music scene “the coolest music scene” today. Upcoming acts include a who’s who in the Americana, Bluegrass, and Alternative Country world. Loveless Cafe entrepreneur Tom Morales says, “It’s the most exciting movement we’ve seen in a long time. The heritage of WSM in this town speaks for itself, and we’re proud to be a part of the next generation history.”

The show was conceived and developed by Bluegrass Underground producer Todd Mayo and WSM’s John Walker, both driven by a passion to create a global showcase for the rich and diverse pool of talent rooted in Nashville, as well as Knoxville and Memphis. “WSM has always had a history of using cutting-edge technology to deliver culture and entertainment to a vast audience…it’s what built this city into MUSIC city. Now, with the worldwide listener base on, we can repeat history, but to an international audience,” says Walker.

Todd Mayo adds, “Music City Roots looks forward to celebrating the diversity of authentic musical quality that is so abundant in our city, in Tennessee, and across the world. The Loveless Cafe and their new barn is the perfect venue for the show, and WSM is the ideal media platform to shine a light on so much great music. In conjunction with the current WSM on-air emphasis on Americana, Bluegrass and Roots music, Music City Roots will provide a live platform for so many artists that are enriching the historic legacy of the world’s greatest radio station and the world’s greatest city for music.

WSM V.P. and general Manager Chris Kulick says, “We are the keepers of a flame that started burning in 1925. History repeats itself, and we’re excited to be a part of the history at such a crucial point of change in the music industry. Our history is rich because visionary people pushed the limits of technology to deliver a slice of American culture to the world. I’m proud of the passionate team of people that have built this partnership.”

Author and music business writer Craig Havighurst (WSM, Air Castle of the South), will provide the journalistic element, booth during the live show, as well as in interviews and vignettes that will air on WSM. “It’s all about integrity. These musicians are among the finest in the world, and they deserve to have a spotlight on their gift. This music bridges generations, both with the artist and the fans. It’s all about the music…the roots and branches of Tennessee culture that have now spread across the planet. At the center of it all, we want honor the tradition of great live musical performances, broadcast on the on the most influential radio station of all time.”

WSM’s PD, Joe Limardi has become known as a ground breaker and a tastemaker, and rocked the industry last year by making WSM a reporting station in the Americana category. “WSM built its legacy by showcasing NEW and GREAT music that is created here, and then remaining loyal to the artists throughout their careers. The music we choose to broadcast if for all ages…it’s all about the SOUND. Cash, Haggard, Dolly, Loretta, Willy…the list goes on and on. They were all young rebels and upstarts at one time. We want to knock down walls and build bridges. To have history, you first have to MAKE history. When we received the NAB’s Marconi Award for Legendary Station last year, we were all reminded of the responsibility we have to carry the torch into the next generation. ‘Roots’ will be a powerful vehicle for a new industry model.”

Show number one debuts October 14th with Emmylou Harris, Pam Rose, Mary Ann Kennedy, and underground Brooklyn-scene artists, Robin Aigner and Annie Crane

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