Casting A Wide Net

Perhaps you did a double take during last week’s show. Did Jim Lauderdale say something about a webcast? A live, HD on-line version of the show? Well, in case you didn’t get to your computers, it’s true. Admittedly last week’s webcast was what we in the industry call a “soft launch” because there were so many uncertainties as our crack team got all the gear installed and the feed up and running. But the folks who did discover us at or over the Ustream network are telling us it looked and sounded great!

So it’s official. Music City Roots is on the ‘net, live and in spectacular streaming HD video. We’re still a radio show first and foremost, but now you can stop imagining what we’re wearing or what kind of guitar that dude is playing and peek in from any connected computer in the world. And it’s free.

Co-producer John Walker tells me it was quite the adventure getting everything up and running last week. The show has purchased its own cameras and TriCaster, which is a cutting-edge device that’s like a TV studio in a box with an output to the internet. Our great friend Jim Yockey, one of the most esteemed video directors in the (good) music business oversaw the deal and even provided a mobile truck to isolate the control room. The show acquired all new lights, so everything looks great, and after laying yards and yards of cables connecting everything, and I’m sure more than a little duct tape, our small army of helpers got our April 4 show up and running on the World Wide Web.

So listen up Latvia. Hello Helsinki. Do we have your attention Australia? We’ve got amazing Americana music every Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. Central Time, reaching out over the most modern platform available. That’s fully in keeping with WSM’s tradition of broadcasting innovation going back to and even before 1932, when Jack DeWitt oversaw construction of that iconic radio tower and a 50,000 watt transmitter, not to mention the nation’s first FM radio station in 1941. He’d be proud to see us now.

Craig H

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