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Beautiful Night


We on the team are frequently reminding each other of particular favorite performances from our five years of attempted alternative reality roots music broadcasting. And a precious few just keep coming back like super top hits that prove more undeniable and valuable with the passage of time. Near the very top is Julie Lee’s 2012… Read more »

Tick Tock Time


It’s easy to marvel at the precision of a really well made watch or a Formula One engine. At least I’m into that kind of thing. Exquisite synchronization makes me feel good inside, a bit like music. And we had music that made me feel Swiss watch perfect at Roots this week. When Missy Raines… Read more »

Real As Dirt


The preoccupation with authenticity in roots music is not just some trope. It’s not a game or a cliché that we writer types dwell on because we can’t think of anything else to talk about. It’s as close to the heart of what matters about folk music as redemption is to religion or improvement is… Read more »

Forest and Trees


The wide hallway outside Liberty Hall in the Factory became a thicket of Christmas trees this week – a tunnel of twinkle. It was a beautiful sight after a cold dark day, as the team and the crowd gathered for the first of three December Roots shows leading up to our Dec. 17 season and… Read more »

House And Home

14-12-03 mashup square

In showbiz, the audience is known as the “house” and while showbiz people are always hoping for a full house, certain nights bring more gravitas and anticipation than others. As a team and a Roots family, we were certainly hoping for a good crowed for our first Thanksgiving Eve show in Liberty Hall. Would the… Read more »

Gathered Together

14-11-26 Carousel

It’s a challenge, sitting here in a red and green, sparkle/twinkle themed Starbucks – to turn down the noise of Christmas and focus on the sweeter, subtler holiday at hand: Thanksgiving. Somewhere on the journey, I outgrew Christmas, and it outgrew me. Thanksgiving has been more my thing for years, because it’s food and family… Read more »

Straight Shooters


I’ve been on a personal side trip lately into modern music, attending and listening to works that are far out by our show’s rootsy standards. I grew up with lots of classical music and jazz in my life and on my music stands, and I go through phases where I crave sonic adventure and weirdness…. Read more »

Getting To Know You

carosel for Nov 19 copy

I’ve been following roots music for a couple of decades. So I know something about a lot of artists, but I don’t know them all, and I never will. There’s just that much talent. It’s also true that our booking team is really on the ball and brings in great stuff. Put those together and… Read more »

Family Business


Last year, the awesome spoken word artist Minton Sparks told us from the stage between pieces that “I just get a major kick out of parading my family’s business out in public, because my mother would have rather died than have that happen.” Yes, that’s the writer’s blessing and curse (especially Southern writers). If we’re… Read more »

Bringing It All Back Home

carosel copy

Nashville is nothing if not a crossroads, and in recent weeks we’ve had a run of fascinating and talented artists who by and large have hailed from places down those roads in every direction. This week, whether by happy accident or design, we’re staging a small Music City miracle of a show with vividly different… Read more »