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The Soul of Nashville


The world knows Nashville because of people like Alan Jackson and Taylor Swift. Nashville knows itself because of people like Michael Gray. He’s a curator at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum who’s helped us put this week’s special show together. We’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of a truly revelatory and game-changing exhibit… Read more »



What do y’all think at this point about Twitter? I used to fear it. I spent a few years squinting at it with perplexed befuddlement. Then I gradually got more interested and involved, and today I’m kind of in awe that it exists. Contrary to certain cynics, it’s NOT people telling you what they had… Read more »

Coal Miner’s Granddaughter


As a staff music writer for The Tennessean in the early 2000s, I got a crash course in the Music City system, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Quite a few publicists could not understand why I did not share their conviction that Shania Twain and Garth Brooks were the most important things ever to… Read more »

The Range


When we music nerds talk about vocalists having range, we mean they can sing from way down low to way up high, with a lot of notes in between. But sometimes Music City Roots shows a different kind of vocal range, like this Wednesday night’s show, in the astonishing diversity of ways humans can emit… Read more »

Young and Restless


Memphis-based artist and songwriter Amy LaVere did something rare and special on the occasion of her latest album release this spring. Instead of hiring a hack like me to interpret her thoughts and artistic process in what the industry misleadingly calls a “bio,” she wrote a candid first-person account that fits the definition of a… Read more »

“The Room Sings Back To You”


I didn’t hear him say it first hand, but two trusted sources tell me that was Rodney Crowell’s verdict on our new home. It sings back to you. That’s a beautiful way to put it. And a little mysterious too, because it’s not as if Liberty Hall rings or echoes. It has a sound-settling quality,… Read more »

Renewing Our Vows

I remember how nervous I was on October 14, 2009. All the planning and scripting was over and we – a small band of eager music lovers – went live with a new show on a historic radio station (WSM-AM) with a new concept. I’d done a few interviews in front of audiences, but never… Read more »



The Loveless Jam chorale sang particularly loud and lustily on Wednesday night as the satisfying refrain of “I know you rider gonna miss me when I’m gone” came around and around. But we could have done any number of great leaving songs. “Movin’ On” “So Long, It’s Been Good To Know Ya” and “Bye Bye… Read more »



Is there a word for something that feels like an ending that’s really not? What’s the emotion that attends change or that feeling when a chapter in a really great novel closes and the next one awaits? It’s hard to put your finger on because of a paradox in human nature. We crave stability and… Read more »

Not The Last Dance

As most of you know, we at Music City Roots are about to say farewell to our beloved Loveless Cafe Barn. We have just two more shows before we take our seasonal break and transition over to a new venue at Liberty Hall in the Factory At Franklin. Obviously this is bittersweet, as moves tend… Read more »