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Back To Belfast! Live stream 3/6/15!

15-03-06 Mashup

When we created Music City Roots more than six years ago, the vision was a trusted weekly showcase for great roots music in a comfortable venue that built on the legacy of Nashville. Modeled after vintage live radio broadcasts, we planned to use the internet to reach the world and invite musicians from around the… Read more »

Favorite Colors – Show Review – 2.25.15


Our house photographer Tony Scarlati is admired for his black and white images, and we’ll be posting them for this week’s show as soon as they’re ready. But to invoke Jamey Johnson’s amazing hit song, I hope you were with us to see it in color. This was a night of bright, polychromatic artistry that… Read more »

Roots Interviews: Angaleena Presley and Bros. Landreth


Our interview guy Craig H. has posted two new interviews in our Roots Radio Interview podcast series, featuring two recent MCR guest artists who amaze us for different reasons. Angaleena Presley is a fascinating songwriter raised on Kentucky’s famed Hillbilly Highway, just down the road from Loretta Lynn’s Butcher Holler. Her country music is deeply… Read more »

Defying Winter

15-02-25 Mashup (1)

We know better than to complain about winter weather here in Tennessee, even though we do. One of our radio affiliate friends in North Dakota wrote me this week to say they were looking at base temperatures as low as -25 plus blustery winds. We know how bad Boston’s had it with snow that’s literally… Read more »

Velvet Jarekus


Check this out. It’s Jarekus Singleton, shot from backstage last Wednesday night. Did you see this on our Twitter the other day? That’s where I first saw it, and it knocked me out. I had no idea who took it or how the wild effect was achieved. It sure didn’t seem like the work of… Read more »

Many Happy Returns

15-02-18 Mashup

Can a person ever have too much of a good thing? Like most of familiar phrases in our lexicon, that thought comes from Shakespeare, through the lips of feisty, sensual Rosalind in As You Like It. She’s talking about getting married, and her happy ending comes easily to mind as I write this A) because… Read more »

Maybe It Was Memphis


Memphis is woven more deeply into our show’s DNA than you might imagine. Our co-founder Todd grew up there. We’re always listening West to the River City for inspiration, bands and the muses of rock and soul. You couldn’t do a roots Americana show in Middle Tennessee and not feel its gravitational pull. In many… Read more »


carosel for feb 11 copy

If you’re reading this in our Factory home or in the Nashville area, you’re sitting at one corner of the Americana Music Triangle. Does that come as a surprise? If you haven’t heard about this yet, you will this Spring when it launches formally after a few years of behind the scenes work and development…. Read more »

Family, Friends and Phenoms

The after-show snack, a cherished and necessary ritual, can be random and sometimes a little desperate, depending on what’s in the kitchen when I get home. But this week’s was undoubtedly the best ever. First, our new friends from Monell’s left a big plate of fried chicken (is there a greater gesture of love?) for… Read more »

Calling Out Country


A few recent events have once again thrown into sharp relief the gulf between country music the great American genre and “country music,” the lost radio format. Over in our world, Sturgill Simpson made the cover of the Nashville Scene as the winner of its annual critics’ poll for releasing the best country album of… Read more »