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Hunting And Fishing – 10.7.15 Show

KY Head

Here’s a certain continuity we didn’t expect or plan. Last week we gathered some legendary purveyors of southern, country-inflected rock and roll to help out an excellent songwriter from Kentucky. This week we’re going to hear from some beloved purveyors of southern, country-inflected rock and roll who are themselves from Kentucky. They’re so intense about… Read more »

Tommy’s Rock Opera – 8.30.15

tommyMCR crop

We see a wide variety of instruments come and go across our stage. In recent weeks musicians have wielded sousaphone, accordion, congas, cello, trombone and at least a dozen more. Sometimes, though, all you need are bass, drums and electric guitars. And amps. Definitely amps. And thus it was this Wednesday at a jam-packed, electrically… Read more »

For The Benefit of Mr. Womack

This week’s show preview comes from journalist and artist Peter Cooper, who knows the musicians involved better than anyone we know. It was his idea and his connections that pulled together this special benefit show for Tommy Womack. And he’ll be our musical host this Wednesday too. So I’m very glad to take a week… Read more »

Reaching The Whole World 9.23.15

09-23-15 Jam

“Nashville has my heart,” said Bex Chilcott aka Ruby Boots during her set this week at Roots. I think she spoke in some way for just about all the Australian artists who took the stage this week for our annual night of Down Under overdrive. Aussie Night features artists who have worked very hard and… Read more »

My Brain On Americana


The morning after our Music City Roots AmericanaFest blowout with The Mavericks and three other fantastic artists, I moderated a conference panel on the state of research into music and the brain, including some exciting new initiatives at Vanderbilt University. This deep geek dive into neuroscience may seem far afield from the club rambling, hand… Read more »

Sister Countries: Aussie Night!


In the early 2000s when I was reporting about music for The Tennessean and everyone was scrambling to understand the onset of the digital music revolution, I helped organize a periodic conversation/coffee klatch among some of the Music Row thinkers and doers I most admired. One of the regulars was Jeff Walker, the ebullient Australian… Read more »

Aussie Night 9.23 for Jeff Walker


Music City Roots is proud to announce that our annual Aussie Night, coming up on Wednesday, Sept. 23, will be a benefit show dedicated to the memory and legacy of Jeff Walker, one of Nashville’s most beloved entrepreneurs and music promoters, who passed away on Aug. 24 at the age of 65. I’ll chat on… Read more »

Mavericks By Nature – AMA Show!

15-09-17 Carousel

The dictionary defines a maverick as “an unorthodox or independent-minded person” with synonyms including individualist, nonconformist, dissident and free spirit. Isn’t it kind of weird, in a nation built on the ethos of the individual and premised on free thought, that we even need a word for such people? I’ll bore you with my opinions… Read more »

Strings Attached – 9.9.15 Reviewed


I caught the first half of Stephen Colbert’s first Late Show on Tuesday and finished it after arriving home from Roots on Wednesday night. Little did I know that on top of our fine night at The Factory, I was in for one of the most exciting media moments for Americana music since O Brother…. Read more »