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What A Time – 2016 Review


  There’s a super-fan named Charles who comes to Music City Roots regularly who has this eccentric and endearing habit of carrying an hourglass – a big classic hourglass that looks like something in the window of an antique shop. At one level it’s ironic because we are a radio show without a so-called “hard… Read more »


Zac Brown

Our fabulous photographer Shelly Swanger was on site all day capturing images from the remarkable lineup at Mountain Tough, which raised $500,000 for the victims of the Gatlinburg fires. Here’s a sampling from the day.

Wrapping The Year – 12.14.16


      We’ve come a long way and we’ve got a long way to go. That’s how I feel about the world of Roots as 2016 comes to a close. Our show, our new radio partnership and roots music in general are all in promising, exciting places. The mainstream music business is reckoning with… Read more »

Salute! – MCR 12.7.16


      It was quite an anniversary on which to hold a rootsy radio show: seventy five years since the attack on Pearl Harbor and the start of a remarkable era in American life – the era that shaped my parents and myself and everybody we’ve ever known. It seemed a little too random… Read more »

MCR Joins “Mountain Tough” Benefit

09.16.16_Pelham, AL

The culture and people of East Tennessee are never far from our minds at Music City Roots, because the region is such a hotbed of traditional American music. That ground produced legends, of course, including Dolly Parton and Chet Atkins. But we know it as the home and/or origin of artists moving us today: Blue… Read more »

Nashville Four Ways 12.7.16


We’ve lost a heart-breaking congregation of musical greats in 2016 but I’d not want some of the big rock and roll memorials to overshadow the passing of the amazing Jean Shepard, who died in late September at the age of 82. Many artists earn the “pioneer” label in one way or other, but I don’t… Read more »

Musical Bacon – 11.30.16


      After three weeks in a row of featured artists who were all dudes (these things fall by happenstance and scheduling more than design), it warmed our souls to hear female voices (and stunners at that) this week at Roots. As the Christmas trees and their starry lights made their first appearance in our… Read more »

We’ll Have More, Thanks.

The Coal Men Promo Pic MCR

How’s everybody feeling? Lazy? Full? Temporarily and blissfully anesthetized by turkey tryptophan and wine? Well you deserve it. It’s been a long year. If you are part of our tribe, as I suspect you may be, your holiday feast came with four hearty helpings of great music at our Thanksgiving Eve show. Since then it’s… Read more »

Gather Round – MCR 11.23.16


      You may have seen John Oliver’s profane, funny and cathartic farewell to 2016 on the year-end episode of his HBO series. He let folks on the street from all walks of life vent about stuff that made the year awful for them and the country and the world, from Syria to the… Read more »

Picker’s Paradise – 11.16.16


    If we’d only known the secret to getting half of East Nashville to travel down to Liberty Hall to hang out was to book the other half of East Nashville to play on stage we’d have done it a long time ago. I’m exaggerating of course, but what a wonderful scene took shape… Read more »