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This is a ghost story set to music… The documentary follows a group of musicians (The Orphan Brigade) as they spent a year writing and recording an album in one of the most haunted houses in the Southern United States. (The Octagon Hall, Franklin, KY) The group set out to tell the story of this eerie architectural oddity and of the family, soldiers, and servants who lived and died there. The group looked for inspiration and possible encounters with the spirits of this place. In the end they found that and much more.

The house became a symbol of how we are all haunted by the things that we cannot let go of. While tracing the lives of these 19th century characters they found a window into universal themes that we all face. What do we leave behind? Will we be remembered or do we ultimately become invisible? Are our beliefs just illusions we hold onto to justify the things we do? If we hold on too tightly to our causes will they ultimately destroy us? These musicians came to tell the story of this house and in the process told their own story…


Joshua Britt,
Ben Glover,
Kim Richey,
Gretchen Peters,
Heather Donegan,
Kris Donegan,
Danny Mitchell,
Dean Marold,
Eamon McLoughlin