The Mosier Brothers


The Rev. Jeff Mosier understands the importance of occasionally re-inventing oneself. Especially when you’ve turned 50 years old, and are suddenly aware that time has become far more precious. “Some people are threatened by starting over,” he says. “Me, I love it. I really do.” In late 2009, Mosier decided to put Blueground Undergrass — the band he had fronted for more than a decade — on hiatus. That group recorded four albums and built a sizable following by combining bluegrass purism with a jam band sensibility. Mosier liked to describe the sound as “psychedelic hick-hop.”

Ultimately, he began to realize he’d grown weary of playing loud music in bars; it overwhelmed the content of the words he sang every night. “We used to call that band a ‘wall of twang,’ and it was a lot of fun,” he says. “Now it’s a different time. I think people really want to hear ‘songs’ right now. I want to be held accountable for the lyrical content.”

That’s what led to the formation of THE MOSIER BROTHERS, a band fronted by three of the core players of Blueground Undergrass: Jeff Mosier on banjo and vocals, Johnny Mosier on guitar and background vocals, and David Blackmon on fiddle. They are joined by the talented and ever smiling Kris Dale on bass and the great chops of Lorenzo Sanford on drums.

Review (Excerpt) of their debut CD “On My Way” – Hittin’ the Note Magazine

“Jeff Mosier’s deeply sincere voice and way with a song are the secret ingredients that set The Mosier Brothers apart from more jam-oriented bluegrass outfits. The Mosier Brothers can jam, and tracks like Johnny Mosier’s “The Red Hand of Ulster” show that this band can pick with the best of them. Still, Jeff’s heartfelt vocals on songs like “I’ve Endured” and “Never Wonder Why” are a distinctive highlight of (their CD)”On My Way.”