The Driftwood Singers


LA’s Driftwood Singers have gone an un-contemporary route. The duo of Kris Hutson and Pearl Charles play a stripped down kind of folk that one might have heard on front porches in the south of the 1930’s.

Kris rotates between guitar, banjo and mandolin while harmonizing with Pearl, who strums the autoharp. They began playing last fall, but at only 19 years old, this pair has already logged more than 100 shows in two countries. They’ve toured up and down the west coast, made trips to Nashville and New York City, and recently played 3 shows in one day. It’s that kind of determination that has gathered them attention from music fans and critics alike, including No Depression, who posted some of their earliest home demos. They were also recently featured on a Carter Family tribute alongside Calvin Johnson and Kimya Dawson.

Their debut EP, Look! picks up where their demo’s left off. After attempting to record the songs in a studio, they decided to record them at home on a handheld cassette recorder that was then cleaned up in mastering. The resulting 5 songs are showcased in a way that lets you feel the warm crackle of a phonograph. Inspired by beat poetry and murder ballads, songs like “Coco Ellis”, “Come Across the Tracks” and “Rosalee Little” are irresistible gems for anyone with an old soul and an ear for the yester year