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The Broomestix are a 10 piece, funk and soul jam band from Hendersonville, Tennessee. They have a repertoire of 200 songs or more including at least 30 originals. They can rock the house down with long blues, funk and rock jams. They can make you dance with their upbeat, funky, disco style tunes and they play many soulful beautiful ballads as well. The Broomestix have performed all over the middle Tennessee area and have played shows out of state as well. They have a following in 13 states and 2 countries. The Broomestix are also for hire. They play at restaurants, private parties, weddings, you name and they’ll play it (If you’re interested in hiring shoot us an email at our contact page). Their tight rhythm section, slammin’ 3 piece horn section and their incredible lead vocalist Briana Middelton make for a hot sound! When the Broomestix perform, you can’t help but enjoy it because they are having a blast themselves! The combination of their youthful, exuberant presence, their wide repertoire of lovable music and their sheer musical talent make for a must love band!