Sam Lewis


In reality, many artists come and go, but when one comes around who mixes these two elements we’re often reminded about the way things used to be and we understand music as a form of expression and its ability to get down to the heart of the matter.

Ray Charles understood this and so did Van Morrison.

Sam Lewis understands this as well and fuses these elements wholly. Positioned with a full-bodied, blending voice and an introspective writing style, we are reminiscent of the complete artist – the one who writes, records, sings and performs their work.

Drawing upon subject matter that ranges from family, faith, love and all that comes with it, there is an inspirational spirit found within the melancholy. But when these subjects hit the lyrics, it may be difficult to wonder how a 20-something can be writing about such trying times.

Moving around from place to place is all too ordinary. So after playing in Knoxville for years, the move to Nashville in 2009 was a natural transition.

With one album under the belt, One’s A Long Time, Two’s A Fly By and the recently released A Southern Greek Tragedy EP, Lewis is currently working on a new batch of songs with a backing band that will be finished by summer 2011.