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“To travel in Terza Classe is another story! The underdecks of the transatlantic ships, in the period between the end of the 800 and the 900, were a crossroad of people and cultures heading to the same horizon of changes and freedom. Through the music, these migrants, changed in joy the suffer of the long journey on board to create a “new world” in sociaty and also in music, as the appalachian bluegrass shows.
This is the spirit that give the soul to this group of “music players”, coming from different styles and experiences. La Terza Classe plays and sings a lot of stories, some of outlaws and rebellion from slavery, with the typical sound of the aerea that goes from Europe to the Louisiana, passing through the Appalachian Mountains and the Delta of Mississippi. The suond, full acoustic, reminds the decks of the big ships, or the sound of the street bands in the cities where folk, blues and earlyjazz melted.”