Daphne and the Mystery Machines


Daphne and the Mystery Machines was formed in July 2014. Daphne Culver (Missouri native), most locally known from her musical career with the Granny Whites, had met some amazing artists since she moved to Tennessee.

First there was Jenn Palmer, (Sugar Dames and Anthony Adams & the Nite Owls) they became friends a few years ago, after, and always had a mutual respect and adoration of each others songwriting and vocal styles, so they started collaborating, not knowing if anything would ever come of it.

Then Adam Taylor (originally from Iowa), was working as an engineer at the Sound Emporium at the time Daphne was working in the studio for The Granny Whites. He was so talented on the boards and in the studio, but soon Daphne would find out he was hiding an amazing talent, besides beard growing. He was a stellar guitarist and caught the attention of the Granny Whites, they started featuring him at live shows.

Daphne became so enamored with his guitar playing along side her own, she wanted him to join in on her sessions with Jenn. Soon after this trio was formed Maria Kowalski, violinist of Sage and the Saints and several other studio and touring projects got thrown in the mix (after Jenn worked with her in the studio for the Sugar Dames and was blown away by her emotional playing and creative stylings)

Marias past remains a mystery, was she a dolphin trainer? Carnie? Escaped convict? Her mysteriousness is only matched by her insane skills on the violin. Courtney Kinzer Blackwell, (cellist from Honeyboy and Boots) was the last addition. Courtney (Washington native) came in the mix a little more by chance. She was playing at a CD release show in Franklin, TN at Kimbro’s Picking Parlor, and her performance on stage got the attention of Daphne. She searched her out and befriended her inviting her to bonfire jams and such, until she agreed to join what is now known as Daphne & the Mystery Machines.

Their much anticipated debut was at the Tennessee State Fair and they are all looking forward to recording their first album and performing on tour soon.

Daphne and the Mystery Machines plan to start releasing singles in support of their upcoming EP by early 2015.