Chris Jones & The Night Drivers.


Whether it’s in the studio or on stage, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers are making some of the most distinctively elegant yet driving music to be heard anywhere today, and they’re delivering it with a unique blend of dry wit, emotional authenticity and broad humor that’s won the loyalty of a growing number of fans across the country and around the world.

2015 promises to be even bigger for Chris Jones & The Night Drivers.

The group celebrates its 20th anniversary with a mid-August debut release for bluegrass’s top shelf Mountain Home Music label. Filled with more original material, including three Jones-Weisberger co-writes, the new project keeps the spotlight squarely on the Night Drivers themselves, with just a few guests—including labelmates Darin & Brooke Aldridge, former Night Driver fiddler Casey Driessen (Tim O’Brien, Steve Earle) and legends Del McCoury and Bobby Hicks—joining in.