Annabelle's Curse

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Annabelle's Curse

Hailing from Bristol, VA, Annabelle’s Curse has moved beyond roots in traditional folk to create something truly different with a style all their own. The band started as the brainchild of Tim Kilbourne, Zack Edwards, and John Watson in the early months of 2010.  From there, the rest is history...

Annabelle’s biggest challenge has been to define their music to someone who has not heard it. The band was started in hopes to play the kind of music they wanted to see in their hometown; something that was grounded in the tradition of the area but came off as modern and inventive. Each song offers a contrast of strong progression overlaid with carefully crafted guitar and banjo riffs. Kilbourne's unique vocals top off the band's innovative style.

By the summer of 2010, Annabelle’s Curse quickly developed a very loyal fan base.  Within weeks of booking shows, the band had many followers eager to stomp their feet, sing along, and howl to their dynamic and soulful live show. Their kinetic energy has drawn an array of crowds at festivals and events such as Bristol’s Rhythm and Roots Reunion, The Blue Plum, Rhythm N’ Blooms, The Red White and Bluegrass Festival, BorderBash, etc. 

“My big discovery at  BRRR was the local act Annabelle's Curse. They played with the energy and heart of a band that has been playing for years; I can't believe it had only been months."

-Eric Blevins; Bristol Rhythm and Roots Music Committee (2010)

Instead of looking for ways to get noticed, Annabelle's Curse refused to let their ambitions get ahead of their own self-evaluations and instead focused on crafting an album truly representative of their unique musical style. The result is their 2011 freshman release "Monsters", a supercharged full length 13-track album that captures the spirit of their live performance intertwined with the climactic dynamism of their songwriting. 

With an album moving them into the next chapter of the band's quickly growing history, the brothers that make up Annabelle's Curse are ready to throw the chips in and play anywhere if someone will listen.  

"It's not our end goal to be the biggest band ever, just stable. It's the journey we enjoy, new friendships, and places we get to visit that, without the band, we would have never been to."