Alanna Royale


2013 has been an explosive year for Nashville sextet Alanna Royale and with the speed of a runaway train; they show no signs of stopping. On August 14th, 2012 Alanna Royale arrived at The Basement in Nashville to play their first show without even a demo in hand and left that night with a room full of fans. After that first electric show, the word was out and Nashville was ready to embrace them with open arms. With a bombastic live performance, a handful of performances, and a growing fan base, Royale’s reputation continued to spread without even one recorded song. It was five months later in January 2013 when they released their debut EP Bless Her Heart at a sold out show and confirmed everyone’s suspicions that they were ready for something bigger.

Picking and choosing their favorite elements of soul, funk, Motown, and straight up Billboard pop, Alanna Royale has assembled their own unique style out of many. Not quite soul but not quite rock, Royale shines brightest when marrying their dirty rock n’ roll attitude with their smooth, retro roots. Sharing the stage with some of Nashville’s best and brightest stars of all genres, Royale seems right at home whether playing with a bluegrass band or a garage rock trio. Fronted by the larger than life personality of Alanna Quinn-Broadus the band is led fearlessly with quaking vocals and off the cuff sass. Known for her edgy attitude she will steal your heart, sing it a love song, and break it all in one set. While Alanna might draw you in, she is not alone in the act. It is the band as a whole that keeps you there. Backed by a solid rhythm section and a bouncing two-piece horn section, Alanna Royale lays down the groove, keeps the beat pulsing, and forces you along for the ride. Once Mike Grimes, the owner of the famous record store and venue Grimey’s and The Basement, declared Royale the “next big thing” coming out of Nashville, Royale has worked tirelessly to live up to the hype.

In eight short months, Royale has made two appearances at East Nashville Underground, Grimey’s Record Store Day, Music City Roots, and Scenic City Roots. They won BMI’s Road to Bonnaroo securing them a slot at the summer festival, and will be heading to Austin for Austin City Limits Fest in October. They have been featured in Garden & Gun, on NPR, and in a podcast spotlight with The Tennessean. Despite all of their accomplishments in such a short time, they did not wait to make their next move. Less than four months after the release of Bless Her Heart, Royale released a stunning 100-piece vinyl collaborative project including twenty local Nashville artists to release for Record Store Day. Featuring two new songs and a club banger remix of their single “Animal”, the records sold out within 15 minutes of the beginning of their set.

Armed with their smashing single “Animal”, Alanna Royale is looking forward to their next big step – taking their show on the road. Across the country, word of Royale’s dirty pop/raunchy soul has begun to spread and you can expect them to be turning heads everywhere they go. In less than a year of being a band, they have managed to not only plant their feet firmly in a community flooded with talented musicians but stand out among them. From headlining Nashville Gay Pride to Austin City Limits to Bonnaroo, Alanna Royale has just begun on an unstoppable journey and there’s no telling where they might be headed next.