Letters From Artists

Uncle Monk

Thanks again for inviting us to be part of your wonderful show. Our Music City Roots experience was a joy with everyone being so friendly and helpful to us -- we really had a great time! We hope to stop by to see the show the next time we come to Nashville. Best regards to everyone in the crew. - Tommy Erdelyi (Ramone)

Ryan Cavanaugh

THANK YOU everyone at Music City Roots! This is the first time I have felt so welcome to Nashville :) what a great experience! - Ryan Cavanaugh


Cheers to you and all the Music City Roots family. Y'all got yourselves a real top notch operation. Highwater has never been treated better. Hope we can do it again. Yours truly, Nick

Doobie Brothers

Hey Folks, thank you all for your support and welcome. We took Tom, John McFee and Pat over to WRLT yesterday and they were still so blown away by the welcome and how enthusiastic the fans were. It was the most amazing show for the band as well. Thank you again and please let me know if I can send any additional CDs for staff and crew. We will be back!!! Thank you all and best regards, Div Bob Divney Doobie Brothers

Don Gallardo

Thank you all so very much for such an amazing night. Everyone working MCR was so nice and easy to work work with. The energy was surreal. We couldn't have asked for a better crew of people to work with!! Thank you again and we would love to come back! best, Don Gallardo

Buddy Greene

Thanks for all you did to make our visit to MCR a great experience. Y'all are doing a great job at making something that is not only authentic roots, but authentic Nashville as well. It's the kind of show that has needed to happen in this town for a long time. God bless you for your vision and follow through. It's evident that a lot of hard work, great talent, and dedication from folks like you have gone into making this the success story it is. May your tribe increase! Sincerely, Buddy Greene

The Doobie Brothers

Thank you so much for hosting The Doobie Brothers on Music City Roots. The hospitality and support has not only resonated with HOR Entertainment but also made a big impression on Pat, Tom, John McFee, John Cowan, Guy Allison and their manager Bruce Cohn. We look forward to coming back again and supporting you folks in any way we can. Best Regards, Div Bob Divney

Missy Raines & The New Hip

Just an enormous thank you for having us and for the extraordinary magic you are bringing together every week at Music City Roots. The Loveless Barn has this fantastic and rare vibe which is like a combination of so many 'old style' bluegrass community shows I grew up going to AND this very current, hip, laid back, artsy vibe of the coolest bar or coffeehouse.

The Grascals

On behalf of the Grascals, it was truly a pleasure participating with all the other great talents.

Madison Violet

Thanks for having Madison Violet on last weekend, it was a fantastic show and the production, sound, and hospitality for the girls was over the top. Great to see the standing ovation!

Derek Hoke

We had such a great time last night at Music City Roots! What a wonderful show you guys put on every week. Please keep us in mind for any future performances. Hope to see you soon!

Chris Jones

Thanks so much for having us at Music City Roots. We had a great time, and we got great feedback from all over the country. I was impressed with the way the whole show was run. Hope to see you again soon. have a great show on the 18th!

Carolyn Martin

Thanks so much for the lovely evening - we had a wonderful time! It was an honor to share the stage with such talented singers and musicians, all the folks at Music City Roots treated us like royalty!

Erika Chambers

Thank you SO much, Laurie. It was a blast and we all felt so taken care of and appreciated. I talked to Mike Farris at a show last night and he said that yours is the best live music radio show going right now. I think he’s right. Much love! - erika

Ernie Hendrickson

Wanted to drop a note and thank you for being so kind, helpful, and encouraging for my first time at MCR. I sure enjoyed the experience, it was quite an honor. I will definitely be stopping by the barn when I'm in Nashville!

Pine Hill Haints

Thank you guys so much! what a place! what a show. Unreal. Please have us back...don't be afraid to ask. Keep us in mind for the cave as well.

Mike Farris

What a wonderful time we had, playing the greatest live radio in America! To allow us to debut songs from a new project that no one has ever heard says a lot, in itself. But that's just how you chose to operate - on the edge and right back where everything started. Straight from the heart, I am privileged to be considered your friends. Mike Farris

Mitchell, Nora Jane & Brigitte

You and your staff's attention to detail and comfort is extraordinary and was truly a pleasure. I hope to see you all soon.

Claire Armbruster

I was sitting there last night thinking about the “circle” of people in that room: musicians on the stage, fans in the seating area and the industry people framing in the seating area. It makes me feel good to be part of such a great event (IBMA/Music City Roots) and also if you look at the bigger picture, it’s our community and it’s so very wonderful.

Nora Jane Struthers

I simply cannot thank you enough for including my band in your amazing series. I have never been treated so well. You have considered every detail and there were so many parts to what made it such a positive experience: the load-in crew, the sound crew, the food, the goody bags, the space and stage, and getting to meet the other musicians.

Jason Ringenberg (Farmer Jason)

I think I can speak for all of us with Jason and the Scorchers here. Music City Roots is a fantastic program. The production is excellent, the exposure incredible, and the overall vibe so friendly, loose, musician friendly, and down home.

Mountain Heart

Speaking on behalf of Mountain Heart thank you again for an experience we will never forget. It was an honor to share the stage with our new "friends" from that night.

Micol and Ricky of Blue Mother Tupelo

We had a blast! It means so much to us to have been included in the show. Thank you so much for a great night ~

Ashley Sutton From Big Daddy Love

We all had such a wonderful time at the barn. You all have a first class operation going there and we are grateful for the kind treatment from you and all the folks there. Y'all definitely made us feel welcome.

Tommy Womack

It was my distinct pleasure to play Music City Roots. Everybody was so nice and I was so pumped after the show I couldn't sleep 'til 2 in the morning.

Holly and Barry

We certainly enjoyed ourselves last night. The crew does a great job of making the performers feel taken care of in every way. Thank you. Please know that we would welcome a return performance anytime.

Marshall Chapman

Last night may have been the most fun I've ever had playing music in Nashville. It was magic. Thanks!

Jonny Corndawg

Thanks so much for the help with Music City Roots! I think I can safely say that that show was my proudest moment in my musical career to date. I got a show opening up for the one and only Billy Joe Shaver on December 1st at The Exit In! I'll be coming into town around Thanksgiving to practice with my band. This is about the biggest deal I've ever had come my way and it's pretty much thanks to y'all!

Sonny Louvin

Wishing the whole gang the best of 2010! Let us us know when you want Charlie on again, he really enjoyed it, and so did we!

Shawn Byrne

It was an honor to play last night. We had a blast! Thanks again. Can't wait to do it again!

Dirt Daubers

Jessica Wilkes from the Dirt Daubers here. We just wanted to thank you all so much for having us on the program. We had such a wonderful time. Thanks again. Please have us back anytime!

Jon Sheperd (Will Hoge management)

Thank you for the opportunity to have Will at Loveless. The band raved about their experience. I’m sure we reached some new ears that we’d not’ve found without your support. Keep up the great work.

Jason Ringenberg / Farmer Jason

Howdy my friends. Folks, I am totally sold on the whole MCRs thing. Y’all have an incredible thing going there. It is so well done. Its down home but still totally “put together.” I had a great time and couldn’t have been more impressed. This show has legs. I think the show flowed perfectly, and everyone did stellar sets. It was one of those nights. Thank you for having me be a part of it. All the best!