Government Cheese

30 years after roaring out of Kentucky, and 23 years after they allegedly “broke up,” Government Cheese have made the album of their career. THE LATE SHOW is a tour-de-force of rock and roll, pop, thoughtful moments and frantic outbursts. Reactions from Cheeseheads far and wide have been the sounds of jaws dropping.

Formed in 1985, Government Cheese built a fanatically loyal fan base with their manic live shows and wicked humor. Tunes such as “Mammaw Drives the Bus”, “The Shrubbery’s Dead”, “Fish Stick Day” and “Camping On Acid” made them college radio staples and sat next to more serious fare like “Face to Face”, “Single” and “This Life’s For Me”. They enjoyed a brief but sweet period of MTV exposure and wore out three vans traversing the highways between nightclubs and frat houses all over the American south, Midwest and East Coast.

Originally a four-piece, in 1990, Tommy Womack, Scott Willis, Joe King and Billy Mack Hill brought their roadie, Viva, into the band as a full-time member, and they’ve been a quintet ever since. The

band is playing a select few shows in old stomping grounds to celebrate the release of their new album.

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Hosted By Jim Lauderdale



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