The Master And Apprentices

When we last saw the String Wizard John McEuen on our stage, the Christmas season was underway and Liberty Hall glowed with sweetness and light. The great multi-instrumentalist and entertainer was living two mega anniversaries – his own 70th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his world-changing Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. His colleague Jeff Hanna… Read more »

Seventh Inning Stretch – 10.12.16

  It must be October. A day after the Chicago Cubs pulled off a four-run ninth-inning comeback against the Giants to secure their Division title (rock!), this week’s Roots featured: a band called the WPA Ball Club, Aly Sutton dressed like a cast member in A League of Their Own and four basses (we pun… Read more »

Best. Lineup. Ever. * 10.12.16
Davina and the Vegabonds Promo Pic MCR

  My journalist wife and I have conversations and inside jokes about hyperbole and language inflation. We lament that “awesome” has gone from being a rarely used superlative reserved for cosmically consequential things to just another adjective worthy of yummy pizza. And she laughs at me sometimes when I come home from Roots proclaiming that… Read more »

The Gold Standard – 10.5.16

Photo by Jeff Fasano.       I just finished my friend Tamara Saviano’s heartfelt and fascinating new biography of Guy Clark, the lion of literate Texas/Nashville songwriting of the past 50 years. We’re still grieving the passing of Guy, who died in May. He was remembered and honored at a gala show at the… Read more »