Veterans Day – MCR 8.5.15
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Bluegrass Country Soul, one of my favorite music films, is a time capsule in celluloid if ever there was one. It whisks us back to the primordial days of bluegrass festivals and the grounds of Camp Springs, North Carolina in 1971. In living color, there’s a peach-fuzz young Tony Rice and Sam Bush. And there’s… Read more »

Beyond The Fringe – MCR 7.29.15
Jam 7-29-15

Sarah Potenza quoted her always quotable musical pal and fashion consultant Elizabeth Cook on stage at Roots this week. “Let the fringe do the work,” she said as she talked about one aspect of her transition from coffee house singer to stage rocker and the interesting choices and challenges it brings. Sarah’s fringe was long… Read more »

The Voice(s) – MCR 7.29.15
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Let’s talk about two women with powerhouse voices, moving personal stories and lightning-flash national exposure on big televised music competitions. One might assume (I sure did) that good friends Sarah Potenza and Crystal Bowersox met in the wake of their success on The Voice and American Idol respectively. But the truth is they go way… Read more »

Franklin Five-O – MCR 7.22.15

Ratings on Amazon and Yelp are up to five stars, and this week’s Music City Roots suggested similar scale by which we might rate future shows. The Five-O scale. No, not the police. The number of standing ovations in the night. Leaving aside wonderful mid-set standers, which do sometimes happen in a scattered way, and… Read more »