White Knight – MCR 7.27.16
Jeff White Promo Pic MCR

Good teams have stars but great teams have deep benches, and that’s one of the factors that’s made Nashville such an awesome place to follow music. Music City cultivates and celebrates the sidemen and sidewomen who stand near, behind and beside the visible stars. They’re often just silhouettes in the aurora, but to those in… Read more »

A New Word – MCR 7.20.16

I’m calling for the invention of a new English word, because, folks, we’re rapidly using them up and we need more. The word is potenza. It’ll mean a personal quality that mingles potential with charisma. As in: “That young actress really has potenza; watch out for her!” Our new word is inspired of course by… Read more »

Reporter’s Notebook – MCR 7.20.16
Noah Guthrie Promo PIC New MCR

One of the virtues of Music City Roots that we regularly hear and talk about is its discovery factor. Come for one artist you know and experience a nice sampling of artists you don’t, and you’re almost sure to go home as a fan of something new. That may be the case for you as… Read more »

The Moment – MCR 7.13.16
07.13.17 Col

What a thrill. I got to sit down before Roots this week for a formal interview with the great Col. Bruce Hampton, that amazing paradox of an artist who’s still leading badass bands at age 69. He’s a musical space captain who never did drugs and a former military guy who led probably the singular… Read more »