Gratitude With Attitude – 11.25.15

  Thanksgiving comes but once a year, and between the frenetic pace of Fall and our go-go culture, it’s important not to let this special holiday sneak up and fly by. While the commercial world obsesses over Christmas and the news feels like a fire hose of awful, we need more than ever to pause… Read more »

Way Out – 11.18.15 Review

  A day-long, drenching rain eased up and a huge bank of intricately folded clouds pushed East just at dusk, producing the most awesome sunset I can remember in Nashville on Wednesday evening. It made for non-stop sky drama on my drive down I-65 to Franklin, and when I arrived, half our team was standing… Read more »

Seeing All-Stars – MCR 11.18.15

  A decade ago I’d have told you Jim Lauderdale was one of the finest country songwriters and artists in the world. From that awesome debut Planet of Love album through the 2000s, Jim’s vibe and feel and lyrical outlook helped build the shelter that country music (the genre) needed after “country” the radio format… Read more »

Case Studies – MCR 11.11.15
15-11-11 JamPic

Change is the only constant, and Fall always brings harbingers and metamorphoses. I arrived at the Factory on Wednesday to discover that the new vinyl record shop I’d heard about had opened right next door to our Roots Radio studio and venue. Welcome, LUNA Records to our very hip music and arts corridor. Then I… Read more »