Camp Meeting – A Special MCR 6.26

On June 26, Music City Roots will stage a special one-off edition of the show at the Monteagle Assembly. The event is open to the public. Following are the program notes for the evening.  I was introduced to the concept of the Chautauqua in the novel Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert… Read more »

Game Of Stones – MCR 6.17.15

It’s one thing to put on our live radio barn dance up against the Country Music Industrial Complex Flaming Truck Awards, which seems to happen several times a year. It’s quite another to be Nashville’s Wednesday night alternative to The Rolling Freaking Stones. Not only were the senior sultans of strut playing a vast outdoor… Read more »

Vagabonds – MCR 6.17.15
15-06-17 Carousel-1

It’s one thing when an acclaimed and revered artist comes to Roots and puts on a thrilling show, i.e. Alejandro Escovedo or Jimmy Webb. We know they’ll be great, and presto, they’re great. The more rarified and memorable encounters come when an artist’s facility far exceeds their familiarity. In other words, we love surprises. And… Read more »

Fountain of Youth – MCR 6.10.15

“I signed up for life,” said Warner Hodges in the chat room at this week’s Roots. And the fire in his eyes was the same light kindled decades ago at his first AC/DC concert. It’s one thing to attend 105 AC/DC shows (his count, unverifiable) and another to have put on thousands of your own… Read more »