The Hum and The Flood
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The great American composer Charles Ives said something remarkably prescient some time before he died in 1954: “The future of music may not lie entirely with music itself but rather in the way it encourages and extends, rather than limits, the aspirations and ideas of the people, in the way it makes itself a part… Read more »

Up Jumped Spring – 3.22.17

  Spring springs eternal, and it was renewing to return to the Factory with the recent freeze behind us and new sprouts sprouting for some of our kind of living roots. It was a night that left some of our regulars buzzing with the sweet feeling of trust and vindication. I mean they may not… Read more »

Be That Guy

It is a sad week in American music as we must say a final farewell to the brilliant, complicated and world-changing artist Chuck Berry, who died on Saturday at age 90. The rock and roll pioneer had a bridge-building vision that allowed him to fuse rhythm and blues and pop into a movement that had… Read more »

From Canada To Carolina – 3.1.17

Some artists who write instrumental tunes claim that naming them is difficult. I don’t know. I’m always coming up with weird phrases that seem to have no other purpose on Earth other than to be a jazz or fiddle tune, some of which are named with surreal panache. Consider two of the tunes April Verch… Read more »