How Sweet The Sound

Was it a weird coincidence or a sign? I left the Factory Wednesday night on proverbial cloud nine, with  “Amazing Grace” (our Nashville Jam chosen by Billy Joe Shaver) echoing in my head. Then on the car stereo was RadioLab, with a story about a guy who suddenly loses his faith in God. But he… Read more »

Strongmen – MCR 4.15.15
15-04-15 Carousel

We say it all the time: “That’s the real deal.” We don’t object when an artist raised in one world slips on the skin of a borrowed identity, so long as they’re good at what they do. But something even deeper resonates when we encounter a great artist who is utterly of their lineage and… Read more »

From Valley To Mountaintop
Jam 4.8.15

One rough but plausible take on the story of American roots music might be that old time fiddle and banjo dance music evolved into bluegrass while a bunch of other interesting and important stuff related to blues and songwriting happened at the same time. That’s the bluegrass-centric view, and like I said it’s incomplete and… Read more »

Roots Radio Interview: Jarekus Singleton and Bruce Iglauer

In this latest Roots Radio Interview, Craig H talks in-depth about the blues with rising star Jarekus Singleton and Alligator Records founder Bruce Iglauer. Bruce not only signed Jarekus to his legendary independent label, he’s produced and mentored this powerful, promising young guitar player, singer and songwriter. It’s a relationship that says all you need… Read more »