Americana Prophecy

I moved to Nashville in the fall of 1996 and on the Sunday that I drove here to close on my cute old East Nashville house, the New York Times Magazine ran a big feature about Music City’s renaissance (yep, even then). It was quite exciting to read it aloud to my traveling companion as… Read more »


There’s no single date or inventor one can point to, but right around 100 years ago a scientific breakthrough changed music more profoundly than the piano or Beethoven or Johnny Cash. The triode vacuum tube was the key that unlocked high fidelity recording, radio transmission and amplification. Amplifiers took on more shapes and sizes than… Read more »

Orthophonic Joy
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Bristol, the border-straddling town that’s half in Tennessee and half in Virginia, will forever be famous as the cradle of the country music business, thanks to some very famous and influential recording sessions in 1927. That event, which introduced the world to The Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, The Stonemans and others is being celebrated these… Read more »


Our new venue has led to a new pre-show routine. Perhaps you’ve visited our Roots Radio shop and studio just outside of Liberty Hall in the Factory. The team did a splendid job building it out and painting it a warm blue/gray. Kirkland’s donated some nice furnishings, and a few Scarlati photos hang on the… Read more »