Merlefest V: Revenge of the Pickers
Sam Bush 2

In our spare time, we’ve been studying show business, just in case there are any tips or tricks that could make Music City Roots an even bigger blockbuster than it already is. And we’ve learned something. Were you aware that in Hollywood, they have what one might call a “formula” where popular movies are made… Read more »

Honky Tonk, Front Porch, Arena

Review by guest host and interview guy Jon Weisberger Historians can and do debate the circumstances under which rock and roll was born, but there’s no debating the fact that modern-day rockers who capture the excitement of that initial blast are rootsy as all get-out, nor that said beginning was propelled by a mix that included… Read more »

Forecast: Sunny
Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band

In a recent episode of the WMOT/Roots Radio/Bluegrass Situation show and podcast Hangin’ and Sangin’ (Sun. at 6:30 am and Tues. at 9 pm), country artist Sunny Sweeney tells host Kelly McCartney that she’s been on a ten year quest toward full control over and full understanding of her method, her art and her message…. Read more »

Visitors Welcome 4.12.17

      A special charismatic energy always attends the arrival of La Terza Classe, the old time string band quintet from Naples Italy. I’ve rarely seen people who seem so glad to be alive, on the road, playing music. And they were just part of a gathering tribe of visitors on a rapturously gorgeous… Read more »